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Experience the art of health and wellness through our carefully curated collection of naturally inspired fitness solutions.

Natural Fats and Oils

A2 Cultured Cow Ghee is special ghee made by following 5 step vedic process of ghee making. Why its special ?

  • Made from curd of A2 milk from rare Indian breed of cow - Malai Madu cows at western ghats of Kerela & Tamil Nadu
  • Curs churning is done by Bilona method
  • No hormone for milk
  • Free Grazing cows
  • Ghee made at 3:30 am ( bhramha muhurtam ) on a full moon day
  • Amazing Aroma & Taste
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Natural Sweetner & Toxin Cleanser

LeOrganics offers natural sweeteners as a substitute to sugar

  • Sugar Cane Jaggery ( with molases ) - solid extract of sugarcane juice after heating
  • No chemical added
  • Filled with Minerals, Vitamins and fiber
  • Dates jaggery from date palm saps rich in amino acid, B12 , vitamins and minerals
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Immunity Booster & Body Health

LeOrganics offers food products packed with anti oxidants, vitnamins and minerals which helps to improve immunity

  • Raw honey is a natural sweeter but also improves immunity
  • Neem is natural anti bacterial food
  • Turmeric is natural anti inflammatory product
  • Kokum improves gut health and digestion
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Plant Fiber and Protein

LeOrganics offers a wide range of plant based protein which are best source of proteins

  • Horse gram is one of the highest plant based protein food
  • Ragi / Finger millet is rich source of fiber, Iron, Vitamins
  • Millets are best grain which are GLUTEN FREE
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LeOrganics A2 Cow Ghee making Process

Our Happy Customers

  • -Jay Prakash, IT Professional

    I have tried numerous organic ghee in the market for my 4 yr old daughter to give her the same flavor as my village ghee used to be made at my home from the cows in our backyard during my childhood.

    Finally found the A2 cow ghee and it’s really an authentic product. Once you open the bottle you can feel the TRUE smell of natural ghee. My daughter and all of us enjoyed it.

    This product is now going to be the permanent one in our lives 👍👍

  • -Bharath Kumar, Food Technologist

    We are from South India & have always used ghee on RICE, DOSAS & IDLY at Home. One of my personal favorite way to eat GHEE is with HOT RICE with MANGO PICKEL. This ghee made that experience bar go up a lot higher. Le-Organics ghee has a very unique, distinct taste and Aroma which is making the experience much much better. It’s a must-try for everyone for sure.

  • -Commandant Gaurav Verma

    This is undoubtedly the best A2 Cow Ghee out of all brands available on Amazon. 100% authentic and magical. I did a lot of research to overcome a medical issue and bought this. The quality is unquestionable and the packaging is also good. Hats off to Le Organics for such a good product. Kudos! 👏