Turmeric Powder- 250g
Turmeric Powder- 250g

Turmeric Powder- 250g

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Le-Organics TURMERIC POWDER ( HALDI ) is made from the powder of dried turmeric root. This turmeric is sourced from the finest farms near Himalayan range which are high on curcumin content making it good for medicinal use in addition to culinary. Le Organics supports farmers directly and brings pure & authentic products to consumers at affordable prices.

Benefits of Turmeric

  1. Curcumin is must active ingredient which has strong inflammatory
  2. Turmeric increases anti-oxidant capacity of body
  3. Turmeric improves Brain function & lower risk of brain diseases
  4. Turmeric lowers risk of heart disease buy improving function of blood vessel lining
  5. Turmeric lowers chances of Cancer
  6. Curcumin helps a lot in cases of Arthritis

How to Use Turmeric

  1. Directly use powder in curries, paste, smoothies, scramble eggs etc as per taste
  2. Dry powder mixed in warm water spread on rice for Biryani
  3. Add in Milk, Coconut Milk, Soy with Honey to make Golden Milk
  4. Cold Buster – 1part of Turmeric & 3 Parts of Honey fights cold
  5. ½ tea spoon Turmeric with Warm water in empty stomach has multiple benefits