Our Passion

Le Organics is dedicated to identify and source Super Foods for Fitness. “Health is Wealth ” is no longer a saying, but a vivid reality for all of us. And the most important aspects of health is Food we consume daily. Le Organics helps you to choose the key ingredient and major part of your daily diet which can make you healthy. 


1. Family Fitness – First and most imp focus is YOU & YOUR FAMILY. 

Fitness is Key to a happier life. Le Organics focus on family as a whole and brings products which change ingredients which goes daily in our food whereby making the whole family healthy. So every decision and product we involve, we 1st see if it's going to help your family or not.

2.Farmer's welfare – Farmers are 2nd most important key in this value chain. Without farmers support and their understanding of our consumer’s need, it's not possible to achieve our 1st objective. So we pay great emphasis on sharing market requirements, feedbacks and information with farmers and grow what products are in demand. Also, direct sourcing from farmers helps them to get a better price and also tune their farming as per market need. In turn consumers, get fresh and authentic products at reasonable prices. It’s a win-win situation for both.



3. Cow Welfare – Le Organics 3rd important objective is Cow Welfare. Cow plays a very vital role in organic farming as its cow dung which is the basis for crops growth and replaces fertilizers. So the whole concept of organic farming lies on usage of cow dung. Secondly, Cow also takes care of farmers family who use its milk and by selling milk products gains money for fodder and food for the family. 


So Le Organics A2 Ghee helps to bring 1-month fodder to the cow in addition to support to farmers and its very imp to protect our cows and by eating healthy option of Ghee we are also helping cows



"Be Fit Naturally" is our approach to health and wellness that emphasizes achieving and maintaining physical and mental well-being through natural, holistic, and sustainable choices. Our body has a natural capacity for health and vitality, and by working with, rather than against, these natural processes, individuals can enhance their overall health and quality of life. 
So every product sold under Le Organics has a deep-rooted reason why it's chosen as Super Food and has the potential to change your lifestyle. Once you start using them you will find change in your health and overall feeling. And then you cannot go back to the old way of eating.

What will change?
Some of the physical improvements in fitness and health that will be obvious after superfoods become part of your diet are as below (it's based on research material from medical journals and not a prescription or cure to any ailment ) 

This can be achieved by keeping in view 3 important tips for eating

1st – EAT LESS 
We need to fill only 30-40% of the capacity of the stomach. Balance 30-40% is for water and the rest is for Air as per the Ancient system of Vedanta and if implemented daily, we will see a big change in our health.

 2nd – EAT RIGHT 
Choose the right food. Your body is the best judge of what is right and what is wrong. Anything which makes you lethargic and weak after eating is not good. While food that makes you feel light and energetic suits your body. So observe this closely.

​3rd – EAT ON TIME
Timing is also crucial for daily diet. Our body secretes digestive enzymes at certain hours of the day ( morning 10-12 o clock is the time for digestive enzymes and thus the best time to take food ). Also, there should be fixed timing for taking food so that the body knows the time and juices are released simultaneously. Irregular timing disturbs enzyme secretion and disturbs digestion.