Jhola Gur- 500g
Jhola Gur- 500g

Jhola Gur- 500g

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Le Organics Jhola Gur is the liquid sweet date palm sap that is cooked into light syrup and which is only obtainable in Bengal in winter. Jhola Gur is a Bengali winter delicacy. This is pure molasse without any chemical treatment and very high in fibre content and multiple health benefits.


  1. Most imp benefit is digestive system. It helps in secretion of enzymes which helps in digestion.
  2. It has high fiber which helps in bowl movement
  3. It helps in menstrual cramps and abdominal pains
  4. Natural sweetener which is packed with over 50 minerals.
  5. Helps in fighting dry cough, cold & asthma


  1. Great Natural sweetener and used in a large variety of sweet dishes particularly in West Bengal
  2. Sandesh is most famous sweet when made in Dates jaggery has excellent taste
  1. Spread on bread or Indian chapati giving a nice sweet taste