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A2 Cow Ghee 100ml / 3.38 oz | Full Moon Ghee

A2 Cow Ghee 100ml / 3.38 oz | Full Moon Ghee

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  • LE Organics A2 Cow Ghee is made from Indian breed of cow. We follow Vedic Bilona method following 5 Steps as per vedic process. Unique difference of Le Organics A2 Ghee from other A2 Ghee are below
  1. Ghee is made from Curd of A2 Milk instead of Cream
  2. A2 Milk is boiled on earthen pot over wood fire at low heat, giving nice earthen aroma and taste to the ghee
  3. Bilona method is used in earthen pots with wooden sticks and skimmed butter are washed with clear water until its clean. Otherwise after 1 yr the ghee may give smell or sour taste. Which is not evident in Le Organics Ghee
  4. Le Organics A2 Ghee is made under supervision of Siddha medicine doctor who is expert in ghee making and known the process over 100s of yers passed to their generation
  5. Cow as Malai Madu cows which are rarest cow breed found in Munnar foot hills. This is very sensitive cow breed and stays like a family. They feed on wild herbs and grass on the foot hills. Its only breed which climbs on mountains and feeds there. These herbs gives unique medicinal properties and strength to the milk
  6. Calves are fed first and then only milk is milked from the cow
  7. Vedic process is strictly followed which involves 5 steps - Boiling of milk in earthen pot, Making Curd , Churning in pots by Bilona method, Extracting butter from skimmed milk and finally Heating at low temperature for long hour to extract all ghee from the butter
  8. All our ghee are produced during brahma muhurta and on Poornima days which gives special energy to the Ghee. As Ghee also has memories and enhances our energy system and auras. Its very beneficial to people practicing meditation.  
  • VEDIC BILONA METHOD PROCESS : Le-Organics A2 Ghee is made by following the traditional Vedic Bilona process. We follow a 5 step or sanskars to make our Ghee. We use earthen pots to boil the milk and then let it curdle in the same pot. By Churning the curd in the earthen pot using wooden hand-churners, we collect the butter collected on the top. This ensures the purity of the butter, and no chemicals are used in the process. 32 liters of milk is needed to make 1 Liter of Ghee.
  • UNIQUE TASTE & AROMA : Our Ghee has an Unique & Distinct TASTE and AROMA which you would have never tasted before. A spoonful of this Ghee will greatly enhance your meals and keeps you FIT Naturally.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY TESTED & HYGENICALLY PACKED : Our MILK & Ghee are regularly tested for A2 protein and are packed under best of the hygienic conditions.
  • NO HARMONAL INJECTIONS : Our Malai Madu cows lead a natural life and we don't give any kind of Harmonal Injections or artificial insemination at all.
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A2 Ghee- 100g

narutal, no stinky