Do not buy me


Our products says – DONOT BUY ME as we know that after you use these products, you will not eat the commercially grown and chemically treated products. Body when becomes habituated to healthy diet, it reacts to unhealthy diet and lifestyle. 

So every product sold under Le Organics has deep routed reason why its chosen as Super Food and has potential to change your lifestyle. Once you start using them you will find change in your health and overall feeling. And then you cannot go back to old way of eating.

What will change
Some of physical improvements in fitness and health will be obvious after super foods becomes part of your diet are as below ( its based on research material on medical journals and not a prescription or cure to any ailment ) 

This can be achieved but keeping in view 3 important tips for eating

1st – EAT LESS 
We need to fill only 30-40% of the capacity of stomach. Balance 30-40% is for water and rest is for Air as per Ancient system of Vedanta and if implemented daily, we will see big change in our health
 2nd – EAT RIGHT 
Choose right food. Your body is best judge of what is right and what is wrong. Anything which makes you lethargy and weak after eating is not good. While food which makes you feel light and energetic, suites your body. So observe this closely 
​3rd – EAT ON TIME
Timing is also very important for daily diet. Our body secrets digestive enzymes at certain hours of the day ( morning 10-12 o clock is time for digestive enzymes and thus best time to take food ). Also, there should be fixed timing for taking food so that body knows the time and juices are released at same time. Irregular timing disturbs enzyme secretion and disturbs digestion.